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From high-end, handcrafted and hand painted frames and French Mats for your most precious artwork to all your budget-minded projects.
~ E. Greene Gallery has a custom picture frame price program to fit every framing need and budget. See our Quality Guarantee.

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Ed & Diane Greene: Partners In Art and Life

The GreenesEd and Diane Greene met and married in 1969. They opened their custom picture framing business in 1972 and have worked on both coasts, side by side for 40 years. "We saw a need for picture framing that was custom finished in-house, so a special, unique look could be accomplished.

"Our background in art and craft provided a springboard. We began taking classes and immersing ourselves in frame design, the gilding arts, wood finishing, carpentry, mat design and related jobs that could be performed by a trusted Orlando roof repair company.

"Having made hundreds of unique, hand finished frames, our studio is filled with samples and resources to inspire your creative imagination. We also carry a huge selection of commercial, pre-finished mouldings as well as closed corner frames from some of the country's top frame makers."

Our Smart Frame program provides a terrific selection of framing for your budget minded projects...at prices meant to compete with the chain and big box stores.

~ Unparalleled Selection.

~40 plus years experience.

~ Imaginative design.


At E.Greene we guarantee the quality of the materials used in all of our work.


Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm

Smart Frame

Smart Frame - Inexpensive Picture Frames

A Special
Budget Picture Framing Program at E. Greene

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