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Custom Tuscan / Italian Picture Frames

Continuing the centuries-old Italian tradition of making frames by hand, Ed and Diane Greene have created over a thousand one-of-a-kind frames for their many clients who appreciate the value of the frame as much as the value of the artwork contained within. Below are samples of some of their Tuscan and Italian Regional handmade frames.


Italian Picture Frame Solana Beach
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During the Italian Renaissance of the 15th to17th Centuries, frame making became a major industry. Before this time, the concept of moveable art and framing did not exist. Wall decoration was accomplished with tapestries, frescos, and murals. There was a long tradition of religious panel paintings, with the panels surrounded by flat mouldings that were painted and decorated along with the art they bordered.

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As the story goes, an enterprising woodworker of the early 16th Century began offering his clients a choice of framing styles to go around paintings of the Madonna and the art of modern frame making was born. Carving of the wood, gold and silver gilding, and hand painted techniques flourished in regions such as Tuscany, Lombardy, Venice, and Naples.

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Styles such as the Tabernacle and Cassetta frame became standard, and particular decorative elements and motifs were done with a variety of gilding and painting techniques such as sgraffito, or surface incising, and pastiglia, or carved and gilded bas-relief. Some of these frames have survived and are collected as priceless works of art.

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At E.Greene, we have humbly incorporated some of the early regional Italian styles and design elements to make our own line of 'Tuscan' picture frames. We have been careful to use the same methods and materials available to these early craftsmen, particularly water gilding, sgraffito, and natural earth pigment paints. The palette is primarily warm, using earth tones.

The Right Frame at the Right Price.

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