Picture Frames San Diego - Greene Gallery

Original Art

Diane and Ed Greene began creating original art work in Los Angeles in 1972.

Their work has been shown at galleries and exhibits in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, and in San Diego.

Their preferred medium has been reverse glass paintings using mixed-media.

"We just love the way the paint lays on the glass. Since the glass is non-absorbent, the pigments and their colors dry to a hard lustrous finish with an immediacy unavailable on paper or canvas. The giclee prints also come out with colors that are sharp, bright, and full." An ever changing inventory of paintings and giclees are available at the E.Greene Gallery in Solana Beach.


The Encinitas Street Faire. Along Hwy 101 in Encinitas Sunday Nov. 18th.

Original Art 1

"Other side of the Tracks"
9 x 10 framed. Giclees available.
Original Art 2

7 x 12 framed. Giclees available.
Treasures of the Sea

"Treasures of the Sea"
11 x 14 framed (Sold) Giclees available
Hummingbird Print

7 x 12 framed (Sold)

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